(All Positions are J2000)

NGC 111  (00h 26.7m  -02 38')
Discovered by Leavenworth (II).  RNGC equates N111 with Tempel's N113 =
M-01-02-016 although Harold Corwin notes that N111  N113.  There is no 
bright star 36s W of N113 as in Leavenworth's description.  N111 was not 
found by Bigourdan.

NGC 116  (00h 27.1m  -07 40')
The galaxy (M-01-02-017) identified here as N116 is 15' N of Secchi's
position although matches in RA.  It is also identified as N116 in RNGC but
not MCG.  Harold Corwin notes that if Secchi's dec is correct, then the RNGC
identification is incorrect although the gx at the NGC position may be too
faint.  No listing in RC3 but in ESGC.

NGC 171  (00h 37.4m  -19 56')
Dreyer notes in Herschel's Scientific Papers that H's III 323 = h2334 =
N175.  There is a one deg declination error by Carolyn Herschel for the NGC
position for N171.  Harold Corwin also suggests in NGCPOS an extremely 
compact gx nf the NGC position at 00 36 47.6 -18 53 43 (2000).

NGC 297  (00h 55.0m  -07 20')
Marth's position for N297 was 2s preceding and 1' S of N298.  2' S of N298
is a close, faint double star which Marth may have mistook for a nebular
image.  Also 1.3' SW of N298 at 00 54 58.9 -07 20 59 (2000) is a nearly
stellar gx which is also a possible candidate.  In any case, ,N298 as in
the RNGC according to Harold Corwin.

NGC 310  (00h 56.9m  -01 46')
Also discovered by Ball at Birr Castle along with N308.  The identification
is uncertain and HC identifies this number with a single mag 15.3 GSC star
at 00 56 48.0 -01 45 59 (2000).  On the other hand,   Malcolm Thompson feels
the RNGC identification may be correct!  

NGC 343  (01h 01.6m  -23 15')
Discovered by Muller (II) and listed as a possible star in the NGC
description.  Tentatively identified as a star 1' N of N344 in ESO and as a
star by RNGC.

NGC 413  (01h 12.5m  -02 48')
Disovered by Leavenworth (II).  His very rough position (even nearest
minute of RA is given as doubtful) is 2 tmin W of M-01-04-013.  Not
identified as N413 in MCG.  GSC position 01 12 31.5 -02 47 38.  The RNGC
identification at 01 09.5 -02 50 (2000) is probably incorrect.

NGC 480  (01h 20.6m  -09 53')
Discovered by Leavenworth (II). If there is a 40' error in the NGC
declination, then this object is identical to N481 although both gx's were
discovered by Leavenworth.  It is also possibly the gx at 01 20 34.3 -09 52
50 (2000).   This gx satisfies the condition of being 40' S of N481 which
is the relative position given by Leavenworth and is tentatively identified
in ESGC and NGCPOS.  Not found by Bigourdan.

NGC 811  (02h 04.6m  -10 07')
Leavenworth's dec (II) is 1 degree too far S!  The RNGC identification is
possible, but there is no mag 10 star 1' S, according to Harold Corwin.  
This gx (M-02-06-024) is not identified as N811 in ESGC or MCG but listed
in RC3.

NGC 885  (02h 14.6m  -00 46')
Discovered by Swift (V) on same night with N856.  Not found by Howe on 3
nights.  Harold Corwin equates this number with N863 although Swift 
placed N885 over 6 tmin following N856 whereas N863 is only 1 tmin E!
Perhaps Swift made a 5 tmin error in RA.

NGC 7813  (00h 04.2m  -11 59')
Muller's position is 1.0 tmin W (typical error) though his elongation and
placement of a nearby bright star are reversed.  Howe discovered IC 5384
whose position is correct.  His comments in the IC 2 Notes and Corrections
section also mention that he only found one object with a different
description than Muller's object.  Not found by Bigourdan and listed as a
dubious NGC object by Hagen.

This gx is identified in MCG as IC 5384 and is not listed in RC3.
Incorrect position in N2000 and DSFG (from Muller's NGC position).  Listed
in ESGC as N7813 with IC 5384 as a secondary ID.

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