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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 21:6:45.5
Declination: -44:48:52
Constellation: MIC
Visual Magnitude: 12.6

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel J.
Year of discovery: 1834
Discovery aperture: 18.3


Summary description: F, pL, E, vgvlbM, * p
Sub-type: E5

Corwin's Notes

===== NGC 7012 is the brightest galaxy in a compact group of at least seven obvious members; there are other fainter galaxies in the area that are probably also associated. I've listed positions for the seven brightest galaxies.

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 7012 30" (11/5/10 - Coonabarabran, 429x): brightest galaxy in the core of ACO S921. I quickly took notes on 10 galaxies within a 10' circle including four small companions of NGC 7012 within 2'! NGC 7012 appeared fairly bright, moderately large, round, 50" diameter, well concentrated with a small bright core. The brightest nearby companion is ESO-LV 2860520 situated 1.3' SE but two fainter, very small companions (not included in Megastar) are just off the east and NE edge of the halo. ESO 286-048, a nice edge-on, lies 3.4' NW. A mag 12 star lies 1' SW and a mag 15 star is 27" SE of center. The cluster is centered roughly 14' NE of mag 6.9 HD 200554. The following are some of the nearby galaxies. Anon J2106481-444853 Situated just 32" NE of the center of NGC 7012 in a tight group of 5 galaxies within 2'. Appeared as a very faint knot, round, 10" diameter. LCRS B210329.4-450104, a similar faint knot, is just 25" SE. There is no listing for this galaxy in NED, HyperLeda or SIMBAD. LCRS B210329.4-450104 Situated just 40" E of the center of NGC 7012. Appeared as a very faint knot, round, 10" diameter with a similar galaxy (uncatalogued) 25" NW. A very faint star is just off the SW edge, 17" from center, sandwiched between this galaxy and NGC 7012. ESO-LV 2860520 = 2MASX J21065143-4449340 = PGC 66118 This galaxy is situated 1.3' SE of NGC 7012. It appeared fairly faint, small, round, 20" diameter, small brighter core. 2MASX J21065660-4449137 lies 1' NE. 2MASX J21065660-4449137 = MAC 2106-4449 = PGC 533284 Picked up 2' ESE of NGC 7012 in the core of galaxy cluster. Appeared very faint, very small, 15"x10". This is the last of four galaxies that follow within 2' of NGC 7012! ESO 286-048 Fairly faint, very elongated 7:2 SW-NE, 0.9'x0.25', brighter core. Located 3.4' NW of NGC 7012 in the central part of the cluster.