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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 13:39:55.8
Declination: -31:38:30
Constellation: CEN
Visual Magnitude: 10.4

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel W.
Year of discovery: 1787
Discovery aperture: 18.7


Summary description: B, pL, E 45° ±, psmbM
Sub-type: S/P

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 5253 18" (7/11/05 - Magellan Observatory, Australia): very bright, fairly large, very elongated 3:1 SW-NE. Very well concentrated with an intense 20" core. The outer extent increases with averted vision and fades at the tips with overall dimensions of ~2.0'x0.7'. At the NE edge of the core is a very small, bright knot appearing similar to an offset nucleus of a galaxy, particularly using direct vision. This small starburst galaxy is classified as a "Blue Dwarf" and harbors Super Star Clusters (SSC) near its nucleus. NGC 5253 is likely part of the M83/Cen A group. 13.1" (5/26/84): bright, elongated, very bright core. 8" (5/21/82): bright, elongated SW-NE, bright core.