NGC/IC Project Restoration Effort

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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 13:35:56.7
Declination: -33:27:16
Constellation: CEN
Visual Magnitude: 12.0

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel J.
Year of discovery: 1836
Discovery aperture: 18.3


Summary description: vF, S, R, * 10 f
Sub-type: Sa

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 5220 17.5" (4/21/01): fairly faint, moderately large, elongated 5:2 E-W, 1.5'x0.6'. A mag 13 star is at the following end [52" from center] and a mag 14.5 star is just north of central region. A mag 9.1 star lies 2.8' SE. NGC 5215 (pair) lies 10' W. Located 17' SE of mag 6.6 HD 118010. The dust lane (similar to M104) was not seen. Member of AGC 3565.