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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 4:46:5.9
Declination: -44:43:58
Constellation: CAE
Visual Magnitude: 12.8

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel J.
Year of discovery: 1837
Discovery aperture: 18.3


Summary description: eF, R, att to * 14
Sub-type: E/SB0

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 1668 14" (4/7/16 - Coonabarabran, 184x): faint to fairly faint, elongated 4:3 WNW-ESE, low surface brightness, weak concentration to the center, which contains a faint stellar ncleus. A mag 13.8 star lies 25" NNE of center and several mag 11-12 populate the field. NGC 1668 is the brightest member of Abell Galaxy Cluster S497.