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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 4:40:52.3
Declination: -16:59:29
Constellation: ERI
Visual Magnitude:

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel J.
Year of discovery: 1835
Discovery aperture: 18.3


Summary description: eF, vS, R, bet 2 st
Sub-type: *3

Corwin's Notes

===== NGC 1639 is a triple star. JH has it in a single sweep with an accurate position and description; he also mentions the two stars flanking it. Herbert Howe was the first to note that JH's object is an asterism, and Dreyer copied his note into the IC2 Notes.

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 1639 24" (12/22/14): this close triple star was viewed at 260x and 375x. It is easy to see how this triple could be mistaken for a nebula at lower power or in soft seeing. At times, the closer 9" pair nearly blended together or the fainter component appeared as a faint glow off the east side of the brighter component. The 14.5-15th magnitude southern component (at 12"-15") was always cleanly split.