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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 4:36:11.4
Declination: -4:49:57
Constellation: ERI
Visual Magnitude:

Historic Information

Discoverer: Swift L.
Year of discovery: 1886
Discovery aperture: 16.0


Summary description: eeF, S, R
Sub-type: NF

Corwin's Notes

===== NGC 1619, like N1610, is probably one of the faint members of the NGC 1600 group. It was found by Lewis Swift on 22 December 1886 along with N1621, N1627, N1628, and N1699. Unlike those other four, however, there is nothing at all near Swift's place. As with N1610, there are two candidates for N1619 that seem somewhat likely to me. RNGC 1610 is two minutes of time west and 8 arcminutes north, while the 51st object in Reinmuth's 1932 list of nebulae is 1 minute 20 seconds west and 28 arcmin north. I'm not convinced that either of these is Swift's lost nebula, but I note them for the record.